Chan Male

Name : Chan
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Age: 10 weeks
Sex: Male
Price: $500
Vaccination Up to Date,
Potty Trained, Registration Papers,
Veterinarian examination,
Health certificate,
Health guarantee,Travel crate

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Allow me to introduce you to Chan, the charismatic male Yorkie hailing from Epic Yorkie Puppies Home, ready to add a dash of charm and endless joy to your life! Chan isn’t just a puppy; he’s a lively companion with a magnetic personality that’s impossible to resist.

Chan’s sleek and glossy coat, coupled with his expressive eyes, showcases his undeniable allure. His spirited nature and affectionate demeanor make every moment spent with him a delightful adventure. Whether he’s prancing around with playful enthusiasm or snuggled up in your lap, Chan is guaranteed to become the heartbeat of your home.

At Epic Yorkie Puppies Home, our commitment to ethical breeding practices is at the forefront of our mission, and Chan embodies the love and care we instill in each of our pups. Raised in a loving environment, Chan is well-socialized, ensuring a seamless integration into your family dynamic.

Rest assured, Chan has received all necessary vaccinations, health checks, and preventive care, guaranteeing that he is in top-notch condition for his new home. As you embark on the exciting journey of Yorkie companionship, Chan is prepared to be your steadfast companion, offering boundless love and unwavering loyalty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make Chan a cherished member of your family. Contact Epic Yorkie Puppies Home today to discover more about this captivating male Yorkie and how you can welcome him into your loving home. Chan isn’t just a pet; he’s a lively and endearing presence ready to make your life extraordinary.

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