Fluffy Male

Name :Fluffy
Breed: Male Morkie Puppy
Current Weight:2 lbs
Age: 9 weeks
Price: $500
Vaccination Up to Date,
Potty Trained, Registration Papers,
Veterinarian examination,
Health certificate,
Health guarantee,Travel crate

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Introducing the epitome of charm and adorableness – meet our Fluffy male Morkie at Epic Yorkie Puppies Home! This little heart-stealer is not just a pup; he’s a bundle of joy wrapped in a soft, luxurious coat that will melt your heart. With his endearing personality and captivating fluffy fur, he’s ready to become the cherished member of your family.

Our Fluffy male Morkie is a perfect blend of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier breeds, bringing you the best of both worlds. His dashing appearance, characterized by expressive eyes and a silky coat, is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This little guy is more than just a pet – he’s a companion, a confidant, and a source of boundless love.

Epic Yorkie Puppies Home takes pride in raising our Morkies with utmost care and dedication, ensuring they are not just adorable, but also well-socialized and healthy. Our Fluffy male Morkie has been showered with love and attention from day one, and he’s now ready to share that love with his forever family.

Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first-timer, our Fluffy male Morkie will seamlessly fit into your life, bringing laughter, warmth, and countless precious moments. From playtime to cuddle sessions, he’s up for any adventure you have in mind. His playful spirit and affectionate nature make him the perfect companion for individuals and families alike.

At Epic Yorkie Puppies Home, we understand the significance of finding the right furry friend. Our commitment is not just to provide a pet, but to match you with a lifelong companion. If you’re ready to welcome unparalleled joy and companionship into your life, our Fluffy male Morkie is eagerly awaiting his forever home at Epic Yorkie Puppies Home. Come and meet this delightful ball of fluff who is bound to steal your heart!

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