Tuffy Male

Name :Tuffy
Breed:Male Morkie Puppy
Current Weight:2.9 lbs
Age: 9 weeks
Price: $500
Vaccination Up to Date,
Potty Trained, Registration Papers,
Veterinarian examination,
Health certificate,
Health guarantee,Travel crate

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Meet the delightful Tuffy, a male Morkie with a heart full of charm and a personality that’s sure to steal your heart at Epic Yorkie Puppies Home! Tuffy is not just a pup; he’s a lovable companion ready to bring warmth and joy to your home.

Tuffy is the perfect blend of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, showcasing the best qualities of both breeds. With his endearing eyes and a coat as soft as a cloud, Tuffy is a true beauty. However, his appeal goes beyond looks – Tuffy is a friendly and affectionate little guy with a penchant for spreading happiness.

Here at Epic Yorkie Puppies Home, we take great care to ensure our Morkies are not only adorable but also well-socialized and healthy. Tuffy has been raised with love and attention, making him a social and outgoing addition to any family.

Tuffy is more than just a pet; he’s a loyal friend who is always ready for playtime, cuddles, and shared adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a first-timer, Tuffy’s adaptable nature makes him a perfect fit for a variety of lifestyles. His presence is sure to bring a sense of joy and companionship to your home.

At Epic Yorkie Puppies Home, we are dedicated to finding the perfect match for our pups and their forever families. If you’re ready to welcome a charming companion into your life, Tuffy is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to become a cherished member of your family. Come and meet Tuffy at Epic Yorkie Puppies Home – where affection meets unforgettable!

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